What is the difference between managing, mentoring and coaching?


  • Telling someone what to do
  • Solving a problem
  • Directive, most input given by the manager


  • Asking questions
  • Offering guidance/experience


  • Helping another solve their problems
  • Reflecting/Facilitating
  • Non-directive. Most input contributed by the employee

Do you want mentoring or coaching?

Both are offered by Volition, but clarity right from the start is essential. The core intention behind the work of mentors is to guide; trainers - teach; consultants - recommend. The core intention behind coaching is not to advise but to facilitate learning, development and improved performance. Crucially, coaching is not counselling. If a client has a pattern of unfulfilling behaviours rooted in past experience, counselling (where these issues can be talked through with an expert) is appropriate before coaching begins.