Selected Testimonials

I thought the evaluation, in particular, was thorough and helpful - supportive but with some real signals for areas to develop
Tim Bryan, Chief Executive, Culture West Midlands

I valued the opportunity to have a "mirror held up" in a confidential setting. I found the discussions invaluable in assisting me to make sense of a new role, in a new organisation, with a new line manager.

Fiona Parsons

I feel much more confident as a result of the coaching. I would recommend it whole-heartedly.

Gill James

I am more aware of when I am carrying out the different roles that the job requires and monitoring my performance.

Jane Thompson Webb

I feel that I have grown in confidence as a result of these sessions.

Jane Thompson Webb

I was compelled to talk about areas that I needed to discuss but would probably have avoided if left to my own devices. At all times I felt supported and encouraged.

Jane Thompson Webb

“Most people get up in the morning wanting to do a good job” 
 (David Miliband, Minister for Communities and Local Government, May 2005)

Good day today - I think Kathy did a great job facilitating.
(Steve Chapman, Screen West Midlands.)
“Thanks very much for the input. It was timely, sensitive and decisive.”
(Nick Winterbotham, Chief Executive)
We found the process, and are finding the outcome, positive and helpful.
(Susan Lansdale, Executive Officer)
Thanks very much for the input. It was timely, sensitive and decisive.
Nick Winterbotham, Chief Executive, Think Tank
"I'm really glad that I have undertaken this opportunity - it has been personally revealing as well as stimulating. I am sure that I will continue to benefit from what I have learnt for many years."
Gavin Willetts
"The time spent reflecting on what leadership can mean from an organisational point of view was very stimulating."
Gavin Willetts
"Kathy has been excellent - patient but persistent and probing, stern but empathetic. She has a good neutral tone and manner but still appears fully engaged in the process."
Gavin Willetts
"Kathy has focussed on the issues I have raised and found exercises to help me to explore them. She has enabled me to find ways to address them and to understand how my own reactions and actions also impact - and she has done this in a supportive and non-judgemental way."
Jayne Wilkins
"I think that the coaching has enabled me to examine my own skills and to value them. I have also learned that past situations do not need to define me or what I do next!"
Jayne Wilkins
"I have found the one-to-one discussion of issues in a personal context quite challenging but very rewarding. Some of the exercises I have been given as a result of the issues raised have been extremely helpful and I have learned a lot that I will carry with me and should be able to use and build upon in future. Thank you."
Jayne Wilkins
"Particular areas where I feel I have a deeper understanding include how organisations operate, the effect of different styles of line management and particularly politics in the workplace…. I cannot think of any alternative method that would have addressed these issues in such a positive and tailored way."
Jayne Wilkins (a client)
“I am more conscious of seeing people in different modes. The tools and frameworks to rationalise things have been really useful.”
"Coaching has prompted me to undertake further, independent reading. This has lead to me consciously approaching a number of conversations differently both at work and in my family life and I have been happier with the outcomes of these than I think I would otherwise have been prior to coaching."
"Through coaching I've both learned new ways to reduce anxiety and increase not just coping abilities but confidence."
"There has been a discernable difference in her style and the personal awareness you have led her to has undoubtedly helped enormously."
Tim Bryan (a sponsor)