Policy, strategic research and evaluation (Reference only)

This service is now closed.

We prepare policy and strategy for cultural organisations, and/or evaluate its success using qualitative research. Our preferred approach is to work with individuals or a team so that the organisation retains the knowledge and new contacts at the end of the contract, and is better prepared to do it themselves next time.

Volition uses evidence from personal experiences of services or programmes for evaluation. Our interviews, focus groups and workshops add first hand evidence through powerful questioning and intelligent analysis.

Case studies

  • East Midlands Museum Service - Review of future service options included telephone and face to face interviews, analysis and report.
  • Renaissance West Midlands - Collection and analysis of case studies to support an earlier statistical evaluation of the regional training programme. Interview based.
  • North and Mid Wales Museums - Common Cause. Review of existing and potential partnerships between museums. Consultation with 30 museums through focus groups, questionnaires and interviews.
  • CyMAL - Background research for national museums strategy. Desk research, Assembly policy review, synthesis and Policy Gateway draft of national museums strategy for Wales. Facilitation of stakeholder focus group and drafting of their recommendations. 
  • National Museums Directors Conference – UK Partnerships Compendium. Mapping exercise commissioned to complement earlier NMDC reports on partnership working.
  • Worcestershire County Council – Exploration of willingness to consider shared museums services between Districts and County Council.
  • Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and Royal Shakespeare Company – mapping the future of Shakespeare collections in Stratford upon Avon. Consultation, conciliation and facilitation within overarching project management.