Coaching and Mentoring

Benefits to the organisation

An experienced, external coach contributes a clarity of vision which is difficult for those who are embedded in an organisation to achieve. For this three way relationship to work, the organisation must be represented by a named sponsor who has an interest in the development of the client and/or their team. Kathy will report to the sponsor on organisational issues but never on the personal content of coaching conversations.

Benefit to the individual

  • An expert sounding board
  • A confidante who helps you to move forward
  • An intelligent and experienced “ear”.
  • Explaination of blockages
  • Understanding of what you do well.
  • Work / life balance
  • Re-entry to the workplace after illness.
  • Reviewing options for personal growth and understanding the choices that you have made.
  • Career development.
  • Strengthening your will to do something about it.


The coaching relationship is based upon trust, and complete confidentiality will be maintained around the specific content of every coaching discussion


The coach, client and sponsor agree the areas of desired development at the start of the relationship. Progress is formally assessed at both mid term and the end of the coaching relationship. Uniquely, Kathy is also evaluating the effectiveness of her Volition work by using Generic Learning Outcomes.


University of Wolverhampton, Culture West Midlands, West Midlands Local Government Association, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham Central Library, Wolverhampton MBC, MLA West Midlands, MLA East Midlands, Victoria & Albert Museum, Telford UDC, Leicestershire CC, MLA, Avoncroft Museum of Buildings, Imperial War Museum, National Trust, Bletchley Park