Sample Coaching Programmes

Select the coaching programme which you think suits you best, use the navigation bar to the left to find more information. We can move between them – your programme will be individually tailored.

Free style
Suitable for:
• Individuals with work issues which impact upon others
• People who want to understand and modify their work behaviours
• Following training, where the skills are understood but not practised
Coaching – usually requires three to six months to embed real change

Workplace communications
Suitable for:
• Team leaders
• Team members
• People who need to exercise influence, upwards and downwards
• Anyone who feels that their words are not being heard effectively
Coaching – finite four to six month programme

Rising stars
Suitable for:
• Emergent leaders
• Fast trackers
• Recently promoted middle and senior professionals
• The “ambitious but stuck”
This approach includes both coaching and mentoring. It should be a finite six month programme.

Reflective high performers
Suitable for:
• Chief Executives
• Departmental heads
• Senior officers with confidential issues to explore
Coaching and mentoring as required. This is a renewable six month programme.

Team Coaching
I will come into your organisation and work with a team of 4-6 people who have an issue to resolve. This might include work with team members individually and then with the team collectively.
Charged at day rate for timescale agreed in advance.

Following on from any of these conversations, I offer “Triage” distance mentoring / coaching, by phone or email, of up to 45 minutes each time. £70 per session, minimum of three.